A morning routine to kickstart your day🚀🍎


The morning is one of the essential parts of the day! Having a good morning routine sets the standard for the day and ignites a chain reaction of good habits. Below we have listed three habits that you could integrate into your morning routine to kickstart your day and become the NewU!

Get up & open the curtains🌞

A good start of the day is half the battle. After waking up, immediately make your bed and open your curtains. Why is it essential to make your bed and open the curtains? By doing this, you will create a series of good habits to start the day. On top of this, sunlight ensures that you wake up faster. Besides, now you have a wonderfully made bed to lie down in tonight.

Plan for the day📑

Decide what you are going to do today. You can write it down in a to-do list or visualize it. These questions might help you out: if I could only do three things, which things for my work are most important to do? What amazing people do I want to speak to today? Have I planned enough time to relax? Do I spend sufficient time on the people & activities that I value the most?

Take a cold shower🚿

Taking a cold shower gives you an enormous rush of energy. You can start by switching your shower temperature from hot to cold at the end of your shower time. When you are not used to the cold water, your body could start a hyperventilation reflex. No worries, this is no biggie, relax, breath deeply, and you will feel better. Try to stay under the cold shower for at least 30 seconds. After some time, you will notice that you can stay longer and longer!

You can find these and other powerful examples of morning routines on NewU!

We are looking forward to seeing you and your friends on NewU!

Warm regards,

Bart & Gijs from NewU