Cold shower: healthy or overhyped?🥶

Hi U!

A cold shower... probably something you only think of during a scorching summer day. However, taking a cold shower is becoming more and more popular. You probably have seen or heard it somewhere; taking a cold shower is healthy. But is this the case?

Although the science on cold exposure is still in its infancy, several studies concluded that there could be benefits for the immune system. Also, people that take cold showers report being less sick! Taking cold showers helps you burn a little more calories since your body has to generate heat to keep you warm, and it also reduces your perception of the cold. So taking a cold shower will get you lean quicker, and the winter will feel like the summer!

How to start 🥶
You probably know someone close to you that advises people to jump into an ice bath! To those recommendations, we say: Take it easy…! You can start by switching the temperature from hot to cold at the end of each shower, 30 seconds is more than enough to start with. After some time, you will notice that you can stay longer and longer! Bart only takes cold showers (it's also great when you have dry skin!), and Gijs always ends every shower with a 3 minute cold shower.

For now, enjoy your Saturday cold shower!

Warm regards,

Bart & Gijs from NewU