FAQ of habit formation part 1⏳

Hey U! 

On your way to becoming the NewU, some questions might arise about habit-formation. We receive a lot of questions regarding health, habit-formation and how to create more healthy habits. In the upcoming three weeks, we wanted to share with you the most frequently asked questions regarding healthy habits to help you along your way to becoming the NewU. 

How long does it take to create a new healthy habit?⏳

It’s a famous saying that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. But, unfortunately, this is a myth. In reality, the time it takes to develop new habits varies greatly (from a few weeks to months). It depends on the kind of habit, the history with the habit, the person and your surroundings. So, every person needs a personal approach to create habits as efficiently as possible.

What works better; big ambitious goals or tiny goals?🎯

This answer might surprise you. Although having a big and ambitious goal is fantastic and can energise you, it is hard to stay motivated when the reward of your effort takes a long time to reap. Also, the big goals are more difficult to achieve in the initial phase. Therefore, we always promote setting tiny and achievable goals. Want to lose weight? Start with walking for 30 min every day for a week and then build on top of that. Setting and achieving a tiny habit helps you create momentum and increases your intrinsic motivation.

Is there a question you want us to answer regarding healthy habits? Feel free to reach out to info@newu-app.com. 

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