Fun fact: Reading can reduce stress and improve mental well-being📖

Hi U! 

Are you, like us, the type of person that loves reading books? Then we have some fantastic news for you! Have you ever wondered why it is that every time you read something you feel more relaxed? 

Reading improves mental well-being 📖

According to several researchers, reading (and especially voluntarily reading) positively influences your mental health. Reading is also effective in reducing tension and heart rate levels. Other research has shown that reading can also promote sound sleep and overall well being. 

Other benefits🧠

There is also some evidence that reading increases emotional intelligence, social perception and empathy. Especially reading fiction books improves the ability to empathize by targeting your imagination and putting yourself into different perspectives. 

Start your reading journey🚀

Just as excited as we are to start using reading as a relaxation tool? You can choose the read before bedtime habit to kickstart your habit journey to become the NewU. 

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