Healthy habits for at the office🍎

Hey U! 

Healthy habits are the building blocks of powerful routines. In an earlier post, we showed you how to create a healthy morning routine to kickstart the day and a routine to sleep like a baby. However, we never showed you some great habits to do during office hours. 

Healthy snacks🍎

The office cookie or candy jar. Perfect for those afternoon cravings. Unfortunately, not so healthy. Quitting a habit is harden than replacing it. Try to swap the candy jar for a healthy snack such as nuts, seeds, or delicious fruit. 

No more napping😴

Are you like Gijs, a person that loves to do a quick power nap here and there when your colleagues are not watching? But does napping disturb your sleep at night? Then try not to nap anymore. Research shows that napping during the day can interfere with your night's sleep. Do you still feel tired? Then try to get energy differently, for example, by taking a short walking break.

Caffeine after 4☕

You might have heard from us that drinking coffee (in moderation) is pretty healthy. However, drinking coffee after 4 p.m. can hurt the quality of your sleep. Research shows that caffeine affects your ability to fall asleep at night since it takes your body 5 hours on average to break down only half the caffeine in your body!

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