How to improve your sleep rhythm?💤


With the summertime approaching and the days becoming longer it can be a bit harder to find a steady sleeping rhythm. A good sleep rhythm enables you to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper which boosts your energy and happiness during the day. With these three steps, you can establish a blissful sleep rhythm.

  1. Pick a bedtime that suits you 💤

Having a fixed sleeping rhythm increases the quality of sleep. How does a fixed bedtime affect this? By performing the same schedule before you go to sleep, your body connects the evening ritual to sleep. Research has shown that your preference for a certain sleep time is partially genetically determined. This explains why there are morning and evening people.

  1. Take it easy with the big meals🍽️

Do you eat large meals just before you go to sleep? Research has shown that eating large meals before bed reduces sleep quality. However, it is not yet clear why a full stomach makes it harder to fall asleep. Large amounts of food before bed might make you feel uncomfortable, or it could disrupt your digestive process.

  1. Create a phone-free zone📵 

Up for a relaxing night? Research has also shown that the light from monitors reduces the quality of your sleep. Watching a monitor at night can wake you up, making it harder to fall asleep. Leaving your phone outside of your bedroom is a great strategy to improve sleep quality! 

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