Is blue light bad for your sleep?🛏️😴

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You might have read or heard somewhere that it is best for the quality of your sleep to stop watching movies when you're lying in bed and stop using your phone an hour before going to bed. Is this true, and why is this the case?

Effects blue lights🔆

Research shows that the light from screens reduces the quality of your sleep. But what is blue light? Blue light is a portion of the visible light spectrum that can have effects on alertness, hormone production, and sleep cycles. The wavelength of blue light is emitted by your smartphone, television and other electronic devices, but also by LED and fluorescent lights.  If you watch TV late at night, your brain thinks it should still be active and awake.  This leads to your body releasing cortisol, making you feel active and having a more challenging time falling asleep. So what to do with this information?

No screens📺

A drastic option is to remove all the screens from your bedroom and to stop using your phone 1 hour before going to sleep. This is an effective solution but not always feasible.

Other solutions🥽

Let’s explore the more practical options. For example, dimming your device's brightness is a good way to get started! You can also use an application that filters the blue light. We personally use f.lux. There are many other effective free blue light filters on the market. Another option is to wear blue light filter glasses. These are not that common, but very sexy and effective. 

Pro tip💡

If you’re really dedicated to taking your sleep to the next level, you can also change the general light in your room. In the hour before going to sleep, your brain prefers to see a light that matches the colour of the sunset. There are different light bulbs on the market that change the light colour depending on the time of day! 

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