Is coffee healthy? ☕

A warm cup of coffee in the early morning can be an enormous pleasure. But is it a healthy one…?

It is scientifically proven that caffeine consumption, in a moderate dosage of max 400 mg per day (± 4 cups of coffee), can improve short-term mental and physical performance. Caffeine also has a positive impact on performance during a period of sleep deprivation.


Since caffeine increases alertness, consumption after 16:00 can decrease the quality of sleep. This eventually negatively influences mental and physical performance. It takes roughly 5 hours to clear half of the caffeine in your body, so the later you drink, the more influence it has on how you feel when you go to bed.

Our advice🧐

Drinking coffee in moderation in the morning or before a physical or mental test is a good thing! However, be wary of drinking coffee too late since it will influence your sleep.

If you’re a late-day coffee drinker, you can use NewU to start drinking less caffeine at the end of the day.

Enjoy your Saturday coffee!☕🚀