Myth or fact: Are power naps the real deal?💤🥱


Myth or fact
Are power naps the real deal?

It is a long day, you woke up early and around noon you start to feel tired. Your eyes are becoming heavier and you feel an urge to rest for a bit. You start wondering, should I take a quick power nap? 

The answer

Research has shown that power naps can improve physical and mental performance. The duration of the power nap should be within 10-30 minutes. A 10-minute power nap is as effective as a 20 and 30-minute power nap!

A power nap can be a powerful tool to rest and re-energizing. The next time you start to feel tired and your eyes feel heavy, kick your legs up and take a 10 min nap😉

Enjoy your nap!

Warm regards,

Bart and Gijs from NewU