Pimp your ride on the road to the NewU 🏎️

Hey U!

As a kid, everything to you is unknown. The mini U had the drive to go out and explore the world. That curiosity makes us meet our friends, stick our tongue to a frozen lamppost and set our first steps. That curious mindset is innate to us; it serves as a mechanism to survival, and it's highly effective.For changing habits, there also exists a highly effective mindset. We wanted to  share our perspective on the two most essential mindset-skills to master to become a guru at habit-formation.

Manoeuvring the road's curvatures 🛣️‍

Let's imagine a road towards the NewU, and you are driving in a car on it. This road is not a straight line. The road is curved, and there are beautiful surprises and victories around the corner, but also setbacks and unexpected circumstances that you have no control over. The road will be curved. It's a given, not a possibility. To give an example, the average person that succeeds in quitting smoking needs eight attempts. So to become a habit-formation genius, the first skill you need to master is to adjust when your car goes off the road.

Pimping your ride 🏎️

At this point, you might think, that's all nice and well. I got it. There might be moments when I deviate from my original plan, either by my own doing or by things outside of my control, and I will get back on the road. 

With every obstacle that you overcome, your car becomes faster, more economical and better looking. Every setback that you faced was not for nothing; you learned something from it and you improved. Either in the form of new skills, rich experiences or valuable insights that you discovered about yourself. Awesome! The second skill to master is to learn and improve from every mile along the journey. The setbacks are opportunities to learn.

You have it in you to become a habit-formation guru, and with these two newly acquired skills, you'll be very effective. 

Ready to create new healthy habits? We are looking forward to seeing you at NewU!

Warm regards, 
Bart & Gijs from NewU