Productivity booster🚀📚


We hope you're doing well and started this year strong! We live in a time where distractions are all around us. We have a phone that is connected 24/7, a television, laptop, and friends & family. All things that help us enormously but can have a bit of a negative influence on our productivity. However, these three tips might help you boost your productivity!

1. Make today's to-do list✅

Start with making a list of everything you want to do today. You can also make a list the night before. Ask yourself if I could only do 3 things; which things are most important to do? Choose which one you like the least and start with this one.

2. Do a short workout break🏋️

There it is again! The famous workout break. Tired of sitting too long? Or do you feel your energy and focus draining away? Do a quick workout break or activity to boost your energy. You can find a more detailed overview of different ways to stay active during the lockdown here.

3. Take a break every 45 minutes🏃♀️

This one is harder than it sounds! Are you like us, the type that takes too few breaks? Set a timer every 45 minutes to take a 15-minute break. Research has shown that taking breaks enhances cognitive performance. There is also substantial evidence that during breaks, information is processed unconsciously. That is why you often have a great idea after a break! 

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