The benefits of laughter😆

Hey U! 

Do you recognize the shift from being stressed or focused to all of a sudden feeling relaxed, energized and ready to take over the world after something funny happens? In this newsletter, we explore the wonderful world of laughter. 

Reduce stress levels

When you laugh, you enhance your intake of oxygen-rich air, which stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, leading to an increase in endorphins release. This chain reaction leads to more relaxation. Are you feeling stressed? Watch a funny video. What is your favourite comedian?

Improve memory🗝️

There is even some evidence that laughter improves your short-term memory. So do you constantly forget where you put your keys? Try to laugh more😜

Improve immune system🍎

Several studies have shown that laughter increases the production of antibodies and T-cells that help protect us from infections. So paired with its relaxing effects, there is more and more evidence that laughing is fun and healthy. 

So you now know laughing is healthy, what now? Let's make a habit out of laughter. Incorporate time to look at things you find funny, make some pranks on your colleagues and pull out your best jokes for your friends.  

Ready to make laughter your new habit? Do it at NewU! 

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Bart & Gijs from NewU