The power of intention🔥

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You have this big goal in your mind. Even if it’s not formulated concretely, you have a vision of how you would like to feel, look or act. To achieve your big goal, you need to become the master of your habits. This technique will give you the power to change the more challenging habits.

Intention setting⚙️

Research has shown that setting out intentions for specific events is a powerful way to develop new action patterns. One powerful tool is the if-then method. In essence, it works like this; If X happens, then I will do Y. For example, if the alarm goes off at 06:00, then I will wake up immediately. You can write it down, put it in your schedule, say it in your head, or visualize it. Several studies have shown that participants using this method are more likely to stick to their intended actions.

Pro tip: Make the intention declaration as to specific as possible. Let’s say you want to quit smoking. Various people might offer you a cigarette. Therefore your intention declaration might look something like this. If John offers me a cigarette after work, then I’ll thank him and explain that I’ve quitted smoking and ask him not to provide a cigarette again. You can write down or visualize those “high-risk-moments” prior. If you spend 5 minutes thinking about various actions and obstacles in the morning, you’ll see changes real quick.

The power of planning🗓️

So do you have a new healthy habit that you want to start with? Start with implementing and linking it with the usage of an If-Then statement. Gijs does this by putting his new habits in his calendar and visualizing them, and Bart does this by writing them down at the start of the day. 

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