The ultimate habit-recipe🍽️

Hey U, 

We're all familiar with this. We have a new habit that we want to make part of our lifestyle. It could be something like running 5 km every week, eating fruit every day or doing some relaxing meditation before sleep. However, for some reason, you do not seem to be able to stick to it, and you don't know why! Well...most of the time, this is due to a wrong approach. So let's look at the proper way to create habits!

You can see your new habit as a dish. For the habit-dish to taste good, you need three habit ingredients. If one of them is missing, it will not work. So ask yourself these three questions.

Am I motivated to make this a habit?💪

The first one is straightforward, and you probably have plenty of it; it's motivation! We often choose a habit because it helps us to reach a particular goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, you might consider running. However, maybe you don't like running? Then the habit of running might not be suitable for you, maybe dancing or tennis is more fun for you. So if you lack the motivation to perform a habit, go back to the drawing table, look at the alternatives, and find a more enjoyable habit for you that helps you reach the same goal.

Can I make this habit easier?🏋️‍♀️

Let's stick to the running example. Let's say you would like to get into the habit of running 5 km a week. However, if you don't run often, running 5 km is already a big challenge, and it might not be too enjoyable to start with. So here, we can perform a smart habit trick. We reduce the difficulty level to get started. The first week it's 1 km. The second week 500 meters more, etc. Before you know it, you are running 5 km a week without any effort. Try to make sure that the starting difficulty is low. If you are very motivated, you can go for more difficult challenges!

Is there a trigger that sets the habit in motion?⏰

If an action is not a habit yet, you always need to prepare a predictable trigger. This trigger can be an alarm clock, seeing your running shoes or a sticky note, but not a feeling. You don't want to be dependent on your feeling as a trigger that's too unpredictable. For the running example, we could make a bunch of preparations. We could schedule it on our calendar, place our running shoes on the doormat and ask our partner to remind us to go running. If there is no trigger, there is only a small chance you will execute the habit. So make sure that you got at least one solid trigger in place.

And there you got it, the ultimate recipe to brew delicious habits that will stick for a long time! Do you need inspiration for new habits? You can choose from over 250+ healthy habits on NewU! 

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