Tips & tricks to become a master of your motivation⚙️

Hi U! 

We all know the moment. You stated your goal; you want to run a marathon, lose weight, or work out more. You got off with a good start and already trained four times last week. Fantastic! But then the inevitable happens… your mind starts playing tricks on you and starts convincing you not to follow up on your habit. This is very normal. To help you become a master of your habits and motivation, you can use these three tips that help you stay motivated and reach your goals! 

Accountability friend👥

If nobody is watching, it is easier to quit. However, you have an extra motivator when you have someone checking on you. Ask a friend that you know well to keep you accountable. This could be in the form of calling them during the workout or sending them photographs. Also, ask your accountability friend to check you regularly. 

Use music as an activator🎶

Music can create arousal. Arousal means that the sympathetic part of your central nervous system gets activated. This system helps you become active; it raises your heart rate, releases adrenaline and increases motivation to move. In other words, the right music can be the boost you needed to get you back on track! Gijs his personal favourite is “Eye of the Tiger”.

Identify high-risk moments💣

Do you know you will have trouble staying motivated? Or is there a specific moment you know you will crave it and revert to your old unhealthy habit? Identify your high-risk moments and plan what you're going to do to prevent relapse. Do you sometimes tend to snooze in the morning while you don't want to? Then make a plan. For example, when my alarm goes off in the morning, and I feel tired, I visualize my goals and put on "Eye of the Tiger". This not only helps you to stay motivated but also prevents you from relapsing into old habits. 

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