Our Team

Bart Spangenberg
Impact & product optimization
Gijs Limborgh
Growth & partnerships
Andras Csilla
Front-end Developer
Junior software engineer with +3 years of experience
Nemes Alexandru-Alin
Back-end Developer
Senior software engineer with +10 years of experience
Yorick Stake
Growth Strategy Consultant
Internship on business-to-consumer growth strategy
Tim Ücler
Engagement Strategy Consultant
Internship optimizing NewU's personalization module
Athul Muralidhar
Tech Lead
Tech strategy & implementation
Lieke Venneker
User Experience Consultant
Internship on enhancing UX and UI
Sorin Sabau
Product manager
Experienced product manager & business analyst
Robin Versteeg
User Experience Consultant
Internship on conversion rate optimization and UX
Mihai Carnuta
Data Analyst & QA
Experienced researcher with a passion for science.
Stijn Akkerman
Gamification Strategy Consultant
Internship on boosting NewU's gamification experience
Steven Floris
Social Strategy Consultant
Internship on enhancing user interaction in and outside NewU

The Board of Advisors

Iwein Borm

Early Investor & Financial Advisor
Group CTO & Founder at InFinIT Partners

Wilhelm Roth

Business Strategy Advisor
Chief Executive Officer at Icoinic Capital


Early Investor & Technical Advisor
CEO & Founder at InFinIT Partners