Our Team

Nemes Alexandru-Alin
Back-end Developer
Senior software engineer with +10 years of experience
Andras Csilla
Front-end Developer
Junior software engineer with +3 years of experience
Sorin Sabau
Product manager
Experienced product manager & business analyst
Steven Floris
Social Strategy Consultant
Internship on enhancing user interaction in and outside NewU
Gijs Limborgh
Growth & partnerships
Robin Versteeg
User Experience Consultant
Internship on conversion rate optimization and UX
Tim Ücler
Engagement Strategy Consultant
Internship optimizing NewU's personalization module
Bart Spangenberg
Impact & product optimization
Mihai Carnuta
Data Analyst & QA
Experienced researcher with a passion for science.
Stijn Akkerman
Gamification Strategy Consultant
Internship on boosting NewU's gamification experience
Corrado Campodonico
Data Optimization Advisor
Yorick Starke
Growth Strategy Consultant
Internship on business-to-consumer growth strategy
Lieke Venneker
User Experience Consultant
Internship on enhancing UX and UI

Impact & Science board

Ingrid Steenhuis

Public Health & Behavioral Change

Rony Oosterom-Calo

UX, Behavioral change & digital innovation

Board of Advisors

Iwein Borm

Early Investor & Financial Advisor
CEO & Founder at InFinIT Partners

Wilhelm Roth

Business Strategy Advisor
Chief Executive Officer at Icoinic Capital

Razvan Costin

Early Investor & Technical Advisor
Group CTO & Founder at InFinIT Partners