Case study Telindus

Case study Telindus

Hanco, Compliance Manager

Telindus' experience of boosting employee vitality with NewU

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The problem

During the Corona pandemic, we noticed that employees were losing touch with Telindus and moving less. We wanted to contribute to their sustainable employability and strengthen the bond with Telindus.

''The team responds quickly and has great ideas for challenges. The support is also enthusiastic and personal. We are positive about the app and NewU.''

Why NewU?

We compared different apps to strengthen the bonding and contribute to the well-being of our people. Of these, NewU had the best value for money and the best options for using the app to create customizations and set up our own challenges for our colleagues.

''We found the concrete challenges that we could do with each other most valuable because you can also see from each other who scores the highest.''

The solution

We had a limited number of participants in the beginning, but with a few concrete challenges, more and more employees participated. For example, we collected a very nice amount of money together for the Alzheimer's Foundation with the walking challenges at NewU. This amount was then doubled by our Telindus fund as well.