Case study Vlaeynatie

Case study Vlaeynatie

Wendy, HR Business Partner

Vlaeynatie's experience of working with NewU

Time to read: 5 minutes

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What is your background and position?

Within Vlaeynatie, my position is that of HR Business Partner.

What problem were you trying to solve using NewU?

Our goal for NewU was to decrease the absenteeism rate.

What (measurable) effect has NewU had on your organization?

Because of the challenges and challenges, we see our employees are (even) more conscious of their health/wellbeing.

What is the reason you chose NewU?

Enthusiastic and young organization and the scientific foundation of the challenges really appealed to me.

How would you describe your experience with NewU?

As very positive. NewU is very easy to use and looks good. Very good contact with Bart & Gijs and open to feedback. Rapid development and innovation.