Four questions you can ask yourself about habit formation⏳

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Four questions you can ask yourself about habit formation⏳

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This week we go through four questions you can ask yourself frequently to be super-efficient when forming habits.

Is there a tiny action I can take right now? 🤏

Take a habit that you would like to have. Is it reading, running or meditating? Convert the habit into a minimal form. For example, read 1 page, run 500m or meditate for 1 minute, and do it right away!

How can I hold myself accountable? ✅

Accountability can be as simple as telling a friend that you are going to do something. You can even send them a picture every day of what you have accomplished. More ambitious with your accountability? Sign a contract that includes what happens if you do it what happens if you don't.

When, where and how will I do it? ⏳

The more specific the habit is defined, the more likely it is to succeed. For example, tomorrow morning at 09.00, after drinking my cup of coffee, I will do a home workout of 20 minutes in the living room.

How will I make sure not to forget?💡

We're all human, and as humans, we forget about our good intentions. So try to set reminders on your phone, put them in your calendar and create visual reminders in your surrounding by, for example, placing running shoes on the doormat.

And there you have it! Your FAQ to create any healthy habit you have in mind. You can go through the four questions as frequently as you wish. Do you need inspiration on tiny healthy habits? On NewU, you can choose one of our 250+ healthy habits.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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