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Skyrocket your health by creating long-lasting healthy habits

Improve in every health domain.

This includes exercise, nutrition, mental well-being, sleep and toxins (smoking & drinking). Find personal habits and reach your goals.

Together with family, friends & co-workers!

Creating a healthy life together is more fun and sustainable. Challenge your friends, family, and co-workers. Keep each other accountable & share your progress.

Fully science-based.

The healthy suggestions given on NewU are backed up by high-level scientific evidence.

NewU adapts and grows with you.

NewU adapts to your needs and grows with you. Unique healthy habit suggestions are provided based on smart questions.


How does NewU work?

On NewU you can build healthy habits for nutrition, health, sleep, mental-wellbeing and toxins (smoking and drinking). On NewU, you can find a vast amount of healthy habits that you have probably never seen before. All the habits are based on cutting-edge science and are accompanied by smart tricks on how to execute them.

Additionally, you can also engage in challenges with your family, friends and co-workers via the group feature. This feature is already available for business and organizations and will also be available for everyone shortly.

Can I use NewU in Dutch?

Yes! NewU is available in Dutch and in English. You can set your language during the registration process.

Can I use NewU on my phone?

Yes! You can use NewU on your phone and your desktop!

Depending on your operating system (Android or IOS), you can create a shortcut to your main screen NewU by doing the following steps:

For iPhone
1. Click on the share button at the bottom of your screen
2. Click on "Add to Home screen".

For Android
1. Click on settings and
2. Click on "Add to homepage".
3. Sometimes, you have to drag the NewU icon to your home screen.

Which features are currently being developed?

Thanks to your feedback, we're improving the app at a rapid pace! 

These features are being released soon.

1. Compete with your colleagues and earn your top-spot on the leaderboard!
2. Collaborate, upgrade your teams' Tamagotchi and become the NewUs!
3. Every group member creates their own company challenges. 

Skyrocket your health