15 Out-of-the-Box rewards that you don’t want to miss

Coming up with unique, out-of-the-box rewards for your health initiative can be quite the challenge. You've probably considered the typical offerings: t-shirts with motivational slogans, shiny new bicycles, and maybe even branded water bottles. And while these can be fun, over time they might start feeling a bit repetitive, or even lacklustre. So how do we keep the momentum going? How do we ensure that employees remain engaged, enthusiastic, and eager to participate in the wellness programs?

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15 Out-of-the-Box rewards that you don’t want to miss

The answer is reinvention - by continually evolving our reward system. Yes, the realm of health initiative rewards is ripe for innovation, and we are here to spark that change. Ready to explore 15 unconventional rewards that will reignite your team's interest and inspire them to embrace a healthier lifestyle? Let's dive in.

Subscriptions to wellness apps

In an era of digitization, wellness apps, ranging from mindfulness meditation to home workout routines, have become popular. Offering subscriptions to top-rated wellness apps can provide your employees with the tools they need to manage their health at their fingertips. Plus, it's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Creative classes

From cooking classes that emphasize nutritious, flavorful meals to painting workshops that provide an outlet for stress, these classes can cater to various interests while promoting health and wellness.

Healthy food delivery vouchers

Reward your health-conscious employees with vouchers for meal delivery services that focus on healthy, balanced options. It takes the guesswork out of meal planning and adds an exciting variety to their diet.

Volunteer day off

Encourage your employees' social health by granting them an extra day off to volunteer for a cause they're passionate about. It's a reward that promotes positivity and boosts morale.

Fitness equipment

Small pieces of fitness equipment, like yoga mats, resistance bands, or balance balls, can be an excellent reward that encourages regular exercise. Plus, these items can be used in the comfort of their home, making it a convenient option.

Garden starter kits

For the green thumbs in your team, a garden starter kit can be a rewarding way to promote mindfulness and the benefits of homegrown produce.

Health & wellness books

Educational books on health, wellness, or personal development can be powerful tools for transformation. Curate a selection of inspiring reads for your team to choose from.

Fitness challenge winners' trophy

A little friendly competition can go a long way! Hosting a fitness challenge and awarding a trophy to the winner can be an exciting reward that promotes teamwork and wellness.

Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality (VR) headsets offer immersive fitness experiences, making workouts more enjoyable. They can turn a regular exercise routine into an adventure, making it an exciting reward.

Workplace improvements

Have employees suggest wellness-related improvements for the workplace, like ergonomic furniture or a relaxation room, and bring the most voted suggestion to life. It’s a reward that benefits the entire team.

Professional ergonomic assessment

For many employees, a day at the office can lead to a variety of aches and pains due to poor ergonomics. Reward your team with a professional ergonomic assessment. A specialist will analyze their workspace and make personalized recommendations for improvements. It's a unique reward that shows your dedication to their long-term health and comfort.

Healthy recipe competitions with gift hamper prize:

Stimulate camaraderie and healthy eating habits by holding a healthy recipe competition. Employees can submit their favorite nutritious recipes, and the winning entry gets featured in the company newsletter or intranet, along with a themed gift hamper for the winner. It's a fun, engaging reward that encourages creativity and sharing.

Personal training sessions

Personal training sessions are a great way for employees to get fit and feel motivated. These sessions can be tailored to each employee's fitness level and preferences, making it a personalized and thoughtful reward.

Mindfulness retreats or workshops

Workplace stress can have a significant impact on employees' mental health. Mindfulness retreats or workshops can provide your team with valuable tools to manage stress and foster a sense of calm. This out-of-the-box reward can have long-lasting effects on your employees' wellbeing.

Custom wellness swag

Give your team custom wellness swag like water bottles, athletic wear, or reusable grocery bags with the company logo. Not only does this encourage a healthier lifestyle, but it also builds a sense of unity and pride in the workplace.

There you have it; fifteen unconventional rewards that can turbocharge participation in your company's health initiatives. Remember, the journey to a healthier workplace should be enjoyable and rewarding in itself. These rewards are stepping stones towards creating an environment where health and well-being are not just initiatives, but a way of life. So go ahead, let the rewards roll in, and watch as your team's vitality and spirit bloom like never before.