5 Original rewards for your next health initiative 🏆

s your next initiative already planned, but still looking for a fun prize or reward? At NewU, we understand that employee rewards can be a nice bonus to your initiative. That's why we suggest five unique rewards we've used with our 250+ partners to celebrate employee engagement and achievements.

Time to read: 5 minutes

5 Original rewards for your next health initiative 🏆

Wall of Fame 🖼️

Who wouldn't want to be forever honored in a Wall of Fame? Honor employees who achieve their health goals by placing their photos and stories on a prominent "Wall of Fame" in the office. This public recognition acts as an incentive and boosts morale. Does everyone work digitally? Create a fun group or page within your Intranet where the photos with text can be posted.

Extra vacation day 🌟

Did someone say vacation? Reward exceptional effort or achievement of health goals with an extra paid day off. This is a unique way to show appreciation for their efforts and promote work-life balance.

Every step toward workplace wellness is a win for the entire team.

Recognition in company communications 📮

Highlight employees who excel in company communications, such as newsletters or intranet. This offers them recognition and motivates others to participate as well. Would have seen everything from professional interviews in the monthly newsletter to a large photo of the health champion in the weekly update email.

Health gift🎁

Let employees choose from a variety of healthy gifts. For example, we have partners where employees have chosen a (extreme) sports outing, as well as a stylish water bottle or a versatile gift card. All of these options serve as a tangible reminder of their health goals and your appreciation for their efforts.

But watch out for... 🛑

Watch out for dependence on prizes, with all of our partners, we always say. A prize is super, but.... Watch out that participation is not going to depend on the rewards. There has been a lot of research but also from our own practical experience, that too many prizes eventually causes a decrease in motivation. After all, if you get a gift every time you do something and then suddenly you don't, will you still do it?

Key Insights:

  • Rewards help create a company culture that emphasizes health and wellness. So emphasize this in your communications.
  • Watch out that employees do not become dependent on rewards to participate in the initiative.

We have another hundred and one ideas about fun prizes you can use for your next initiative. Do you have questions or want more ideas? If so, let's have a cup of coffee!