Timing is everything: What are the best months for your next health initiative

Are you all set to launch a sparkling vitality initiative but are stuck with the question of when is the best time to do it? Or have you done an initiative before but the results were different from what you expected?

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Timing is everything: What are the best months for your next health initiative

You are not the only one struggling with this. Timing is a crucial factor that can make the difference between a resounding success and an initiative that doesn't get off the ground. At NewU, we understand how crucial the 'when' is. So grab your agenda and a cup of coffee as we dive into the art of timing together. We'll take you through the best (and less ideal) months for launching your health initiatives. Ready for a deep dive into the world of timing? Let's dive in!

The Best Months for Health Initiatives

January: Time for new resolutions, New Year, NewU

January, the month of new opportunities and fresh starts. Employees are back from holidays, full of energy and often ready to tackle new, healthy habits. This is your chance to introduce the health programmes you have carefully prepared. Give the year a powerful, positive start and watch employees turn their good intentions into action. Curious about an example for a fun initiative in January?

April & May: Spring fever and new energy

Spring is in sight and you can feel it everywhere! People feel like getting outside and are receptive to new ideas. This is a great time to motivate your team with outdoor activities or fresh, new health challenges. Use the energy of spring to get everyone on board with your health initiatives.

September: Back to the Routine

After a relaxing summer, your employees are back, recharged and ready to get back into the rhythm. September is ideal for introducing new health routines. It is also a period when people refocus on work and personal goals. Use this period to energise everyone with renewed energy and purposeful actions.

Months to Rather Avoid

December: Holidays and year-end rush

December is a month full of parties, family gatherings and holiday plans. Your employees' focus is elsewhere, and rightly so. This is not the time to launch new initiatives. Save your energy and your ideas for a time when they get the attention they deserve.

August: Summer Mode On

August, the month when 'out-of-office' messages dominate. Many employees are enjoying their well-earned holidays, which means the office is often lower than usual. This is not the ideal time to launch a new initiative. Rather, wait until everyone is back, full of stories and ready for action.

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to launching initiatives that promote the vitality and health of your team. Choose carefully the month to launch your health initiatives and take into account your team's seasonal dynamics and preferences. Through this strategic planning, you can ensure that your initiatives are not only launched, but also flourish and grow.

Additional Tips for Optimal Timing:

  • Engage Employees Early: Start teasers and small hints well before the launch to generate interest and curiosity. This creates a sense of anticipation and engagement. Wondering how to create engaged ambassadors?
  • Monitor and Evaluate: Monitor employee engagement and feedback after the launch of your initiative. This provides valuable insights for future projects and helps you improve the timing of your communications and activities. Learn how to measure success.
  • Celebrate Successes at the Right Time: Schedule moments to celebrate successes and give recognition. This will keep the momentum going and strengthen the sense of community and shared success within your team.

Have you been inspired or just want to spar about your health strategy? Or do you have a success story you'd like to share? At NewU, we are always open to a friendly, inspiring conversation. Feel free to contact us and together we will take the step towards a more vital team. Your vision, combined with our experience and knowledge, could be the spark that leads to lasting change and a healthier, happier team.