Call a family member 📲

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Call a family member 📲

Building habits together is one of the most fun things to do! Did you know that NewU is also there for family?

All users can work on healthy habits together with their families. Remind each other of that one habit that is oh so important, but oh so challenging to follow through on. Cold shower, for example? No big deal in the winter months, but your immune system and energy bill will thank you! So persevere!

And what better way to do that than with the whole family?

Call a family member

That way, you can keep each other on your toes and encourage each other to keep banging! Pick up the compliments habit during the call. Two habits in one!

Find your buddy

Find a friend or family member to implement your 2023 healthy goals with! With whom will you make 2023 a success?

Increase the chances of success

Working together to build healthy habits increases your chances of success. The other person can help you strategize, help you through the challenging moments, and be there to celebrate your victories.