Why every employee is a marathon runner 🚶

Are you working on designing your new vitality initiative? Do you want to set up a really big challenge? In this blog, we share an important insight we've learned from organizing more than 500+ health initiatives.

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Why every employee is a marathon runner 🚶

Are you running the marathon? 🚶

You probably know the story of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. That's exactly how healthy habits work in the workplace. Walking 20 minutes daily is equivalent to running 15 marathons per year. Replacing one daily soda with water saves 14 kg of sugar per year.

If you walk 20 minutes a day, you're essentially walking 15 marathons a year.

The pitfall of ambitions 😅

As young entrepreneurs, we totally recognize it, ambition! When you start with vitality, you naturally want to make everyone healthy right away! Ideally, we'd start with a 10,000 steps challenge and all eat only healthy food. Just like getting a six-pack, building a culture of healthy habits doesn't happen overnight.

Which healthy habit has the most impact for your organization? 🚀

When we collaborate, we answer together: Which healthy habits are game-changers for your employees? Do you have an idea already?

  • The daily walking challenge: Encourage everyone to walk for 10 minutes every day. Whether it's a block around during lunch or a short walk before or after work.

  • Eat a healthy lunch together! Inspire each other with healthy recipes.

  • Take short breaks: Encourage your team to take short breaks throughout the day to recharge.

It's about creating a culture of well-being with small, achievable steps. Choose the organizational habits that fit your goals and company culture, and make that small step. Every healthy activity is a big success! Because even a marathon runner starts with a 10-minute walk.

Key takeaways