Our idea: Health initiative of the month; A journey beyond kilometers

A health initiative is a fun way to inspire your colleagues to get enthusiastic about their health by collaborating or competing with or against each other. All with a common goal: improving their health and mental wellness. By setting up and promoting a health initiative at work, you boost connection at the workplace and open up the conversation about health. Because we understand that choosing a health initiative can be challenging, every month we share one of our health initiatives.

Time to read: 5 minutes

Our idea: Health initiative of the month; A journey beyond kilometers

Septembers’ health initiative of the month: Movement collaboration to Rome.

Right after the summer holidays, let’s collaborate and get the teamwork moving. The movement collaboration is all about making steps together. Walking, cycling, running and swimming are part of this initiative, so everyone at the office(or working from home) can participate and join the journey to Rome.

How does it work?

  • The goal

The common goal is Rome. Approximately 1500 km to cover together. Let’s say you have 30 employees and one month to get to this beautiful city, that means that every employee covers 50 km in 30 days. Sounds like a lot? Not when you count it per day! Because 1 till 2 km a day is very doable. And that is exactly the beauty of this initiative.

  • Registration

The initiative and challenges are set up at NewU by our Customer Happiness Manager. The only thing left is for your employees to complete the challenges and their covered distance will contribute to the collaboration. Every completed challenge brings you closer to Rome!

No NewU yet! That is ok, we hope to see you soon. In the meantime you can do a manual registration via a whiteboard or an excel sheet.

  • Communication

The only thing left is communicating and promoting the initiative. You have received the visuals from the Customer Happiness Manager and you are one click away from starting the journey to Rome! Communication done? Let’s go! You will receive updates along the way about the progress and top contributors!

  • Price

Of course, a reward brings a lot of fun to this collaboration. Celebrating the moment you reach Rome with pasta, bruschetta and pizza (with extra vegetables of course) together at the office is the perfect way to connect. And because, after a whole month of moving, this became a habit to all of you, you go for a nice walk all together when finishing the Italian cultural food.

Embarking on the Movement Collaboration to Rome isn't just about reaching a physical destination; it's about the transformative journey along the way. As teams bond over shared goals, individual wellness intertwines with collective vitality. Such initiatives spark conversations, dissolve barriers, and allow us to view health as a joyous endeavor rather than a task. It's in these moments, whether it's cheering a colleague for an extra kilometer or savoring a slice of bruschetta in shared triumph, that workplace wellness takes on a whole new meaning. So, as September beckons, gear up for a journey of camaraderie, health, and unforgettable memories. After all, all roads lead to Rome, especially when traveled together!