Initiative FAQ: The four questions we get asked the most

Learn more about the 4 most frequently asked questions we get from HR managers about health initiatives. How to engage the right employees, make impact and make health a fun connecting subject for everyone.

Time to read: 5 minutes

Initiative FAQ: The four questions we get asked the most

1. How to engage the right employees?

  • Make it fun and easy: Introduce enjoyable activities that motivate and inspire; think about outside the box walking collaborations to Santa Claus or company wide health competitions like the Olympic Health Games. Also ensure the program is accessible to all by offering different kinds of subjects like movement, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, connection or changing habits like smoking. With this simple sign-ups, clear instructions, and activities that fit into busy schedules are key.

  • Ask about interests and gather feedback: Conduct surveys or informal chats to learn what health topics or activities your employees are interested in. Also regularly gather feedback to adapt the program. Use surveys, suggestion boxes, or informal discussions.

  • Ambassadors: Select enthusiastic employees as health ambassadors. They can lead by example, organize activities, and encourage their colleagues.

2. How to keep the light of engagement shining?

  • To sustain engagement, change up the activities and challenges regularly to keep the program fresh and exciting. Start with a collaboration, then go for a competition, raise money for charity with your healthy habits and more. We also advise breathers in between, like a break between the first and second half of a soccer game to freshen up and come back even stronger for the next initiative.

  • Encourage employees to inspire each other by sharing their health journeys and successes either online via a healthy newsfeed or offline during a coffee break.

  • Reward participation and achieving health milestones. It is a great motivator and conversation kick-starter. These rewards don't always have to be big; sometimes, even small acknowledgments can make a significant difference.

3. What impact is realistic with a health initiative?

A successful health initiative can foster a company culture with a strong focus on wellness. This not only improves connection among employees but also contributes to their overall happiness. When employees are happy and feel connected, it positively impacts their engagement and productivity with all possible benefits you can imagine.

4. When can I start?

Yesterday of course! Changing a company culture is a long-term process, and the sooner you start, the better. But in all seriousness, we always begin by setting a clear plan and goals specific to your company's situation. After that we gradually roll out your health vitality program. This means we can kick-off the vitality plan anytime that is best for your company.

By focusing on making health initiatives fun, easy, and rewarding, and by embedding these practices into the company culture, you can create a more vibrant, connected, and happy workplace. Remember, the journey to a healthier company culture is a marathon, not a sprint, so be patient and persistent in your efforts and stay focused on the goal; changing your company culture to a culture of health.