Journal like a Roman emperor👑

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Journal like a Roman emperor👑

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Do you enjoy journaling just like us? One of the most influential books we have read is called Meditations by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The book is a journal in which Marcus reflects on his life. Journaling is a powerful habit. It helps you to keep a positive mindset and reflect on your habits. Have you ever wanted to start journaling? Do it like a Roman emperor with these three tips.


Write down three things that went well today. Research shows that reflecting on your successes increases your motivation.


If I could do it over, what would I do differently? What can I do differently to make tomorrow a big success?


Write out a minimum of three things that you’re grateful for today. ​​Research shows that thinking about what you are grateful for ensures that you can deal with negative emotions better and reduces stress. Overall it helps you to appreciate what you have.

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