Slow down and relax with this evening routine🍎🏃‍♀️

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Slow down and relax with this evening routine🍎🏃‍♀️


In line with our three tips from last week on building a morning routine to kickstart your day, we also want to give you three habits that help you create a calm & relaxing evening routine. A peaceful & relaxing evening routine helps you cool-down after an intense day and allows you to become the NewU.

1 hour no phone📵

We understand this is a hard one. However, an extremely effective one! Research shows that the light from video screens reduces the quality of your sleep. Therefore, try to look as little as possible on screens in the hours before you go to sleep. Screens include the telephone, laptop, television, and tablet. Leave your phone in another room or put it in a closed box!

Write in your positivity journal 📖

What are you grateful for? Research shows that thinking about what you are thankful for increases motivation. It also ensures that you can deal with negative emotions better. Overall it helps you to appreciate what you have. Put your journal on your pillow immediately after waking up!

Stretch & let go🙆🏽‍♂️

A relaxed body and mind go hand in hand. Stretching exercises relax your muscles. If you're feeling very stressed, stretching can be an excellent way to calm down the body.

You can find these and other powerful examples of evening routines on NewU!

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