The overwhelming benefits of a power nap😴

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The overwhelming benefits of a power nap😴

The overwhelming benefits of a power nap😴

Have you or your colleagues ever wanted to do a power nap at work? It is about to be a long day. You woke up early and worked hard during the day. Around noon you start to feel tired. Your eyes are becoming heavier and you feel an urge to rest for a bit. You start wondering, should I take a quick power nap?

Fantastic news!🎉

Good news! Research has shown that power naps can improve physical and mental performance! The duration of the power nap should be within 10-30 minutes. A 10-minute power nap is as effective as a 20 and 30-minute power nap! A power nap can be a powerful tool to rest and re-energizing.

Make sure when you do your power nap to reduce all the noise and put your phone n aeroplane mode. So the next week when you’re at work, you start to feel tired and your eyes feel heavy. Kick your legs up and take a 10 min nap😉 If someone asks what you're doing, you can show them this blog!

Enjoy your power nap!

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Bart & Gijs from NewU