The power of a hot shower🔥

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The power of a hot shower🔥

Hi U!

If you're not convinced to use cold showers, we have good news for you! Hot showers (or hot baths) also have health benefits!


A hot shower is great before bedtime. It helps you to sleep better. How does this work? By taking a hot shower you increase your blood circulation. Your body’s heat moves to the surface of your body. As a result, your inner temperature decreases. If you leave the shower or bath, your body can easily get rid of all the heat on the surface of your body. So in a weird way heating, your body provides cooling...! And this cooling is great. Science shows that this drop in your core temperature will help you fall asleep better and faster.

So that's good news for everyone that loves long and warm showers. Enjoy your hot shower!

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Bart & Gijs from NewU