Turn this holiday into a relaxing and healthy one 😎

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Turn this holiday into a relaxing and healthy one 😎

Awesome, it's summertime! Time to put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine. How do you spend your summertime? For some, it is reading some great novels, for others, a vacation, and for most, it's spending a lot of time with friends and family. You've worked hard over the last months to get in shape for the holidays. Your routine has drastically improved and you finally got rid of some nasty habits that you thought would stick forever. Long story short, you've earned your time off! Enjoying the holidays and the occasional cheat meals can be a real pleasure and we hope you enjoy them a lot! However, since holidays are also accompanied by seductions that can cause setbacks, we would love to share with you some tips that will turn this holiday into a relaxing and healthy one.

Permission to relax 😎

True relaxation starts with permitting yourself to relax. This is easier said than done. We tend to fill up our free time with all kinds of activities, and before we know it, we don’t have any time left for ourselves to wind down and relax. Try to be intentional with your time and allow yourself to take a few days to fully wind down.

Keep moving 💪

During the holidays, it is harder to control your diet. However, your exercise routine is something you can control! Sticking to your routine prevents you from potential setbacks and helps you to start strong after the summer!

Try something new 🏹

Did you know that the holiday is a fantastic time to try something new? Have you thought about starting reading, painting, dancing, swimming, programming, shooting bow or woodcutting..? Well, you've got all the time in the world now.

We wish you a healthy summer holiday and if you want to work on your exercise program during the holiday, you can use NewU to choose one of the many exercise habits. We'll be working throughout the summer to create some badass functionalities for you!