Vitality in the Workplace: Three Questions HR Can Ask to Discover Employees' Needs 😯

Do you also sometimes find it difficult to really find out where the employee's vitality needs lie? What appeals and, more importantly, what stays alive? Imagine that with just a few targeted questions, you can significantly increase vitality in your workplace. Sounds good, right?

Time to read: 5 minutes

Vitality in the Workplace: Three Questions HR Can Ask to Discover Employees' Needs 😯

In this blog, we dive into three powerful questions any HR manager can ask to discover the vitality needs of employees. These questions not only lead to valuable insights, but also to concrete actions that will help you take your team's health and well-being to the next level. We have used these three questions with more than 300 partners to identify vitality needs.Read on quickly and make vitality the core of your organisation!

Question 1: Do you think it is important for us as an employer to invest in your health/vitality?

This question directly highlights the importance the company places on employee health. It shows that you are willing to invest in the well-being of your team. But this question does more. It invites employees to share their own views on vitality, allowing you as an HR manager to take targeted action. After all, sometimes as an HR manager it can feel like there is a distance between what HR wants and what the employee needs.

Tip: Organise a poll where employees can contribute ideas on how they see vitality in the workplace. This not only promotes engagement, but also ensures tailor-made solutions that really connect with your team and organisation.

Moreover, it is essential to keep feedback channels open after these sessions. This keeps you abreast of the changing needs and preferences of your team members. Whether it's monthly surveys or a digital suggestion board, make sure employees feel heard. This not only reinforces a sense of appreciation but also encourages proactive participation in vitality initiatives.

Question 2: Would you enjoy participating with colleagues in healthy sports, nutrition and mental wellness challenges?

This question is all about creating a common goal and fostering team spirit. It brings colleagues together in their pursuit of a healthier life, both at work and outside.

Tip: Set up a monthly 'health challenge' where teams set small, but meaningful, goals. Whether it's daily lunch walks together, sharing healthy recipes, or joint yoga sessions after work, it strengthens bonds and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Curious about some great examples of challenges? Then check out our inspiration book. But why stop at physical activities? Also look at adding challenges around mental wellbeing or, on the contrary, encourage the sharing of healthy recipes. The more diverse the topics. The more diverse the employees who participate.

Question 3: What kind of support would you like to see from the company to improve your health and vitality?

This question acknowledges that each employee is unique and may have different needs. It provides an open platform for employees to express their expectations and preferences.

Tip: Establish an "ambassador programme" in which various employees can indicate where needs lie within the organisation. These can also serve as active promoters within the company.

Are you curious about how we create ambassadors at other organisations? You can read about it here. By asking these three questions, you not only take the first step towards a more vital team, but also create a culture in which health and well-being are central. Remember: a healthy team is a happy team, and a happy team is the engine of any successful organisation. Every initiative you take, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on the vitality of your employees. Take the step towards a more vital workplace today and reap the benefits of an inspired and energetic team!