Voicing vitality: The best questions to gain insight on wellness in your organization

Engaging your employees in a discussion about vitality is an art. It's about asking questions that are open, encouraging, and positive. The right question can stimulate conversation, inspire action, and open a treasure trove of insights into your organization's health and wellness culture. Here, we explore the best questions to ask your employees about vitality.

Time to read: 5 minutes

Voicing vitality: The best questions to gain insight on wellness in your organization

What does vitality mean to you?

Before you can encourage employees to take part in a vitality program, it's crucial to understand what 'vitality' means to them. This question invites employees to share their personal interpretations, illuminating the diverse array of beliefs and values within your team. It might surprise you to find out that while some employees may associate vitality with physical activity, others might relate it more to mental wellness, healthy eating, or work-life balance. Understanding these different perspectives can help you create a more inclusive and effective vitality program that caters to the unique needs and preferences of your team.

What types of wellness programs would you be most interested in participating in?

To ensure your vitality programs resonate with your employees, you need to know what they are interested in. Asking this question helps you gauge interest in different types of programs - be it fitness challenges, mindfulness workshops, nutritional seminars, or mental health resources. The answers can guide your decisions when planning future health initiatives, maximizing participation, and impact.

What challenges do you face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working?

This question encourages employees to share their struggles and barriers to leading a healthy lifestyle in the context of their work. The responses can be eye-opening, revealing systemic issues or areas of improvement that your organization can address. It's a key question in making your vitality program not just an add-on, but an integral part of your organizational culture that actively supports employees' health.

How can we, as an organization, support you better in achieving your health and wellness goals?

This question places your organization in the role of a supportive ally in your employees' wellness journeys. It opens up a dialogue about how your organization can improve its health initiatives, policies, and resources. Moreover, it communicates to your employees that their health is a priority and that their input is valued in shaping a supportive, health-conscious work environment.

What motivates you to prioritize your health and wellness?

Understanding your employees' motivations can offer insights into how to best encourage their participation in wellness initiatives. Whether it's the desire to feel more energetic, to manage stress, or to achieve a particular fitness goal, recognizing these motivations can inform the design of your programs and communication strategies.

What health and wellness resources would you find most helpful?

This question allows employees to express their needs and wants in terms of resources. Are they looking for more informational content, like webinars or newsletters? Would they appreciate a company-sponsored gym membership? Or perhaps they desire access to wellness apps or telehealth services? The answers to this question can help you provide the resources that are most relevant and beneficial to your team.

How do you feel our work environment contributes to your well-being?

Asking this question encourages employees to consider and share their thoughts on the role their work environment plays in their well-being. Their responses can shine a light on aspects of the work environment that may need to be modified to better support health and wellness, such as ergonomic workstations, availability of healthy snacks, or the level of noise or light in the workspace.

What aspects of our current vitality program do you find most valuable and why?

This question serves as a check-in to evaluate the success of your current vitality programs from the employees' perspective. The feedback can help you identify the most impactful elements that you may want to enhance further or replicate in future programs.

Would you be interested in participating in a wellness committee or becoming a wellness Ambassador?

This question is great for gauging interest in leadership roles within your organization's wellness program. Employees who express interest in these roles are likely highly engaged in their health and can serve as wellness champions, inspiring and motivating their colleagues.

Remember, the ultimate goal of these questions is not to judge or scrutinize but to understand, engage, and improve. By asking these questions, you are communicating to your employees that their voices are heard, and their health matters. Not only will these discussions feed into the creation of more impactful and inclusive vitality programs, but they will also foster a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect around health and wellness in your organization.