New Year, NewU: Making employee resolutions as fun as watching your favorite series

Are you an HR manager ready to start 2024 with fresh energy? Do you want to know how to make your employees' resolutions as appealing as binge-watching their favorite series? Resolutions often fail, but not when approached with the right mix of fun and engagement. In this blog, we've developed an incredibly exciting series to keep your team's resolutions lively and achievable!

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New Year, NewU: Making employee resolutions as fun as watching your favorite series

Just like episodes in a series, break down health goals into exciting, manageable 'episodes'. To get you started, we've included an example currently active at one of our partners.

The 'Series Challenge' for health goals: The ultimate Masterchef

Challenge your team to try a new healthy recipe each week. Make it visual and exciting with an app where everyone can track and share their progress and award a prize to the winners. Everyone who has made a recipe uploads a photo of their creation in a special intranet, WhatsApp, or other Masterchef app group, thus qualifying for the finale.

Tip 1: Make it relevant, for example: recipes based on popular series Use popular Netflix series as inspiration for the recipes. For example, a 'Stranger Things' week could feature recipes inspired by the 80s, or a 'Chef's Table' week could focus on gourmet dishes. This creates a direct link with the fun of watching a series.

Tip 2: Make it interactive by tying it to an initiative, for example: who is the ultimate masterchef? Attach a competition to the recipe-making. The Masterchef competition is perfect for this. Who has the most original presentation? Who has the most original theme recipe? Or who has uploaded a healthy recipe every week? This gives you three categories for earning points. Three Masterchef components for the competition!

Tip 3: Give a nice present to the winner, for example: The Masterchef Finale Prize Are there employees who have prepared all the recipes within the month and thus reached the finale? Then we have true winners! They win a free dinner! Health, team building, and conviviality all in one.

Tip 4: Nicely conclude the initiative, for example: Looking forward to the next challenge. Create anticipation for the next 'episode' (initiative) by giving hints about what you will do next quarter. Let employees provide input on what they would like to see. This keeps interest and involvement alive. Take two top participants from the initiative and make them ambassadors for the next challenge. Wondering how to best get sports ambassadors? Check out our article here.

Key insights

  • Inspiration from popular series: Use themes from popular series to make recipes exciting and recognizable.

  • Competitive elements: Add a competitive element, such as a Masterchef challenge, to foster engagement and excitement.

  • Appreciation and rewards: Reward participants with fun prizes or recognitions to encourage motivation and participation.

  • Looking forward to new challenges: Create anticipation for future initiatives to keep interest and engagement alive.

There you have it: four top strategies to make your vitality initiatives as compelling as a hit series! Remember, it's all about creativity, engagement, and a bit of competition. Give your employees the opportunity to shine, and they will surprise you with their enthusiasm and ingenuity. Start this new year with a bang and transform good resolutions into inspiring success stories. Good luck and have fun with your 'Masterchef' challenge!